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Encapsulating Traditional leaded lights in ST HELENS, HAYDOCK AND GOLBOURNE



We at Glassframe Installations are specialists in repairing and encapsulating your existing original leaded lights.


Encapsulating leaded lights is a fantastic way off adding value to your home, especially when kept in the original wooded frames.


We personally dislike it when original leaded lights are thrown away, and soul-less UPVC frames are fitted in their place. Encapsulated leaded lights not only add value to your home, they keep the character and period features of your existing windows..


We find that original timber frames are a far higher quality wood than the frames fitted today, and we strive to keep this feature within your home. Where repairs are needed, we only use the most skilled joiners..


We not only encapsulate your leaded lights, we can fully renovate your wooden frames.. i.e sashes, seals, mastic etc. We can also sand and prepare your frames to be painted the colour of your choice, again we only use the finest craftsmen..


We encapsulate your leaded lights in units consisting of Planitherm energy saving glass,and where possible, Argon gas filled, effectively making your units triple glazed, and more or less eliminating condensation.


Our process regarding your leaded lights is as  follows.


  • Carefully remove the existing leaded light
  • Temporary  glaze the opening with clear glass
  • Repair where necessary, cut down, re-lead and then polish your lead lights.
  • Encapsulate them into British standard double glazed units
  • Prepare all your frames before re-glazing
  • Re-fit your new encapsulated leaded light
  • Prime all frames if required.


Here are a few examples of some of our recent projects.


Before and after shots


front elevation before front elevation after small front elevation b4        small front elevation after




Kitchen window beforeKitchen window after full lead light before   Full leaded light after 


completed insidecompleted outside2 beforedown bay inside after


full front b4full front out after




Glassframe Installations cover all the Northwest and beyond.

We provide FREE,  NO OBLIGATION QUOTES.If you want to keep the full beauty of your leaded lights


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When we moved into our house we knew we would need to get some work done on the windows. The house was built in the 1920`s and still has all the original leaded lights and single glazing. The best way to describe them was `unloved`, some of the lead had perished, some windows were swollen shut, others had shrunk with age plus the putty and mastic was cracked and peeling off.

We knew we didn`t want to lose the character of the house by installing UPVC but apart from that we were clueless. We called in Glassframe Installations to come and see the job, to make suggestions and quote. Martin was very Knowledgeable and was able to give us several options with different types of glazing, glasses, gas filling and telling us the pros and cons of each solution.

We opted for an older style of double glazing – stepped units- a type not offered by many glaziers, but it allowed us to keep our original wooden frames. Now the work is complete the house has a new lease of life. The previously dull and grubby leaded lights now sparkle inside the double glazed units and because they are protected from the elements they will stay that way. The attention to detail Martin took means all our opening windows were eased and rubber sealing gaskets fitted to keep out any draughts. Martin even fitted wooden strips around the inside of all the windows to cover the metal sealing strips of the stepped units so it matched the frames. Whilst the leaded lights were being encapsulated, temporary glazing was fitted rather than wooden boards so our house didn`t feel like a building site and everyday the house was left clean and tidy so life could carry on as normal.

We are very pleased with the results of the work carried out by Glassframe Installations. Martin is very knowledgable and professional whilst remaining friendly. He and Steve, who worked with him, are incredibly diligent and hardworking. Our house is noticeably warmer, condensation has virtually been eliminated and visitors now comment on the stunning windows. The job turned out to be more of an upgrade and restoration than just fitting double glazing, but Martin and Glassframe Installations were up to the challenge. We would highly recommend Glassframe Installations if you are looking to have similar work done.
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